Erik    Dillard


The next move for Erik was to uproot from Columbus, OH and relocate to a new home to provide further expansion for his emerging entertainment career. Since 2009 Atlanta, GA has become the new home base for Erik as he began to gain televised features on "Meet The Browns" and a recurring role on indie episodic series "Colors", "Second Chance", "Quarter Life" and the 2017 short film release of "Good Hair". 

To continue in Director mode, Erik served as one of the Executive Producers of the dynamic stage play, "The Dingalogues" first performed in the Summer of 2016. As a Co-Writer and Co-Creator, "The Dingalogues" became an instant hit in Atlanta, having sold out completely in its first run at Seven Stages Theater in the Little Five Points district. 

Erik continues to thrive as a Director and Producer with his new Live Broadcast "Lunch With Erik" that airs on Wednesdays at noon Eastern Standard Time. In giving back to the next generation of performers and creative minds, Erik founded his own non-profit organization entitled Kelicolsa Kids, affectionately known as K-Squared. The organization focuses on bringing parents and children together to help cultivate creative uniqueness. Encompassing all passions and talents, Erik's mantra remains true, "Creativity is the true defense against ignorance."

Soon after scoring with dance club hits, in 2006 Erik left the United States and spent seven years stationed in Osaka Japan as an International Vocal Instructor at Soul Bird Music School (c/o Hanshin Contents Links; owner of the famed baseball team, The Hanshin Tigers). In Japan, Erik performed on many stages alongside hip-hop Enka singer Jero and sang background for R&B singer Jay'ed. Before leaving Asia, Erik started a self-produced web show entitled "The Vocal Clinic". The show's aim was to bring a new face and refreshed approach to the traditional way of learning vocal music.

Returning to America in 2008, Erik set full steam ahead to produce live studio audience episodes of "The Vocal Clinic" at the Columbus Convention Center. With a revamping of the initial concept, six dynamic episodes were created and marked Erik's industry debut as a Director, Producer and Talk Show Host.



To excel in the vocal arts, he self produced three independent albums "Great Things", "The Basics" and "Gold Fire" all under his label, Kelicolsa Records. The success of his independent projects tickled the ears of United Kingdom producers, Andy Holder and Richard Earnshaw. Between both music producers, Erik began to gain cultural buzz throughout Europe. "Everything's Alright" and "In Time" both produced by Earnshaw took very well to the dance music charts in Europe and are still in rotation in the club circuit today.

ERIKDILLARD is an American Director, Producer, Actor, Author, Talk Show Host, Fashion Designer and Singer. He was born in Columbus, OH. He and his three younger sisters Keli, Lisa and Nicole (which inspired the branding of his company, Kelicolsa Entertainment and Productions, Inc.) are the proudly adopted children unto Lloyd and Viola Dillard.

Performing since the age of three, Erik started singing and began his professional career as an all around entertainer in 1997, the year he graduated High School with a Specialty in Music Diploma from the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Arts & Academic Education Center. While in grade school Erik wrote in to WCMH news station in Columbus, OH. He had the ideaof children reporting the news. This started a new segment on their show entitled "Cub Reporters" of which Erik aired as the first field journalist. The wave of children reporting caught on as WBNS created a new show called "KNN: The Kids News Network". Erik became one of their mainstay teenage reporters.

Imeediately after high school Erik began to thrive in the Midwest as an actor being a part of theatrical stage productions such as "Into The Woods", "The Yellow Boat", "Black Nativity", "To This Day", "Ain't Misbehavin'" (CATCO) and "The Blowin of Baile Gall".