Erik    Dillard

The  true  defense  against  ignorance


The mind and heart...


THE MIND - This is where memories are stored that fuel the fires of what we can conceptualize. Every memory from joy to pain has occurred in divine chronological order for a specific purpose. Our stories are just that...ours.

THE HEART - This is where memories process themselves throughout our entire being. It is with time and effort that the incubation of our emotions create the groundwork for pivotal, profound and prolific art for the world to resonate with. 

"...somewhere in that twisted revenge, my inner child's heart began to mend. Now, what I do is cathartic for me and therapeutic for them.

I will use what I've got to help somebody get free." 

"The Dingalogues"
The theatrical Directorial debut of

Erik Dillard.

"Lunch With Erik"
From political, to pop to petty...enjoy a dish of snarky common sense.


​​​​​"Good Hair"
See through the insightful eyes of Atlanta in this witty comedy.